Promote increased enrollment, attendance and retention of children in schools by working with education stakeholders including humanitarian partners, government and communities to improve learning environment, providing on job capacity building of teachers to promote quality education and address negative factors


Provide curative and preventive services to affected populations. MASS enhances skills of health service providers to ensure timely and quality service provision, improves health infrastructure and provide referral services to patients requiring out of location healthcare services.


Work with stakeholders including the government to promote accountable leadership, inclusive governance and development where communities are involved in decision making processes. MASS works with locally established groups and communities.


Contribute towards increased access to sustainable clean water supply and improved hygiene and sanitation practices to reduce WASH related diseases. MASS improves the capacities of supported communities to manage WASH assets and introduce feasible and context specific processes.


Provide timely counselling, curative and preventive support to persons of concern affected by war and domestic violence atrocities. MASS also works with communities through community based groups to sensitize communities and other stakeholders.

Food Security

Support communities with tools, inputs and improve extension service delivery to restore their livelihoods following a calamity. MASS enhances the skills of target communities and extension workers through tailored trainings to improve household food production, increase access to markets, improve agriculture practices and diversify their livelihood sources.